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Recent Projects

The City Of Waterfalls

Dundas is a quaint town, full of beautiful hiking locations, and landscapes.  The are is known as the City of Waterfalls.  Our client had a backyard that was on the escarpment.  It was full of unused potential.

The design of this backyard uses the natural slope to create dramatic appeal.  The focal point is this gorgeous, natural, low maintenance Pondless Waterfall.  It is visually stunning!

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Modern Tanquility

In a world full of chaos, coming home to tranquility was a must for this client.  A great design concept transformed this suburban backyard into a Scenic Oasis.

All the elements came into play.  Gorgeous hardscape in neutral tones, a dual waterfall, and incredible landscape lighting.  No grass to cut, just an outdoor space to love and enjoy with friends and family.

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